Levelling Characters

  • The Theory
  • The Menus
  • Road Map
  • Daily Tasks
  • The Guild
  • Dungeons
  • When you’re stuck

    The Theory

    The objective is simple, raise a character to be as strong as possible, however there are few systems in place that need to be utilised. Note that it is possible to succeed missions and PvP matches without fully levelling up a character, but maxing that character simply gives the player more probability to survive.

    The outlook:

  • Choose a team with 5 star grade characters
  • Look for a step up or purple grade festival character to aim for
  • Get a set of 5 star grade cards, skill max and evolve them!
  • Level up, buff and evolve your characters
  • When levelling a character, the actual order isn’t important…

  • Give capsules to max out the level
  • Limit break to level 80
  • Evolve to a 6 star status
  • Awaken
  • Unlock all the cores
  • Use capsules to boost stats to +297
  • Awaken*
  • *Awakening is a new system that will launch in June 2020.

    To do all of this requires items such as EXP and statistic capsules, these are won from completing missions. To acquire the full amount needed, this will require grinding.


    In the context of gaming, Grinding is the term used to describe a repetitive action to get rewards. Some use it to describe their job… but let's not try to view gaming as work, the game has features which can automate the process rather than giving you joint fatigue…

    To know more precisely where to find the items, check the menu "How to Get..."

    KOFAS has a rank system, cores, levels and affinity, plus the codex. The primary concern is to raise level and cores with capsules.

    We have to look at how much time we have every day to spend on the game and how to use our resources efficiently, aiming for the missions that will be most effective in raising our level the quickest.

    To do this, the game has several missions that when cleared will give you awards to get you to that top level you seek. Now take a look at the menu screen. You’ll need to use all these features. Take a look at the menu screens. You’ll need to use all these features.

    Fighter Screen

    1. Check your stats and biographical information
    2. Level up with EXP, ATK, DEF etc items
    3. Raise your character rank up by one star here. You can only do this once
    4. After level 60 characters can only raise level using SOULS here.
    5. Activate the cores with items from the dungeon to make your character stronger
    6. Equip your character with battle cards to make them stronger
    7. Unlock bonuses by giving your character the food that they like.

    Limit Break Screen

    Some things to note:

    1. You can raise the level multiple times using the buttons here, you are not forced to watch the animation sequence for every level!
    2. The materials bar does restrict you from using the souls you would prefer to use. It takes souls automatically from left to right.
    3. Gold KOF souls can be won from a variety of events. It's the silver and bronze ones that are the problem, being more rare.
    4. Element souls match the character's alignment.
    5. Rainbow souls can be used for anyone, so be careful they are not wasted! It tells you beneath each icon how many souls will be used.
    6. This is the total you'll need. Pay attention to the cost in gold, just below!

    Road Map

    Here are the milestones in levelling through story mode.

  • 40
  • 50
  • 60
  • 70-90
  • Level 1-40

    You need to choose a main character. Then you will need:

  • Dungeons
  • cards
  • capsules
  • souls / dust
  • Capsules are the red, green and blue capsules that you can get from quest rewards or loot boxes! These will increase your stats (Attack Defense and HitPoints), worth one buff each, up to a maximum of 99 per stat. This leads to a “+297” written on your character to represent full buff.

    This will take time!

    To further buff your characters you will need a good striker or leader skill.

    Then you should play efficiently by levelling up the team. But another strategy is to just focus on the main - when they are strong enough they can complete most of story mode by themselves but they will have difficulties when facing a boss that has leverage.

    The quickest way to get a powerful team is to use your infinite roll or welcome pack to get a purple grade character. There is usually an element festival to get a level 80 character and a welcome festival. Unless there are plenty of souls to level up your character, it’s recommended to complete the welcome festival and focus on Kyo 96 because you’ll get him at the start of the festival and he’ll get to level 80 as you progress through the first run of story mode.

    Level 50

    Now destroy story mode on normal mode. You were already doing this as part of the daily quests. When it gets difficult, it’s probably because you have the wrong colour for the mission. Go back to grinding till it doesn’t matter. Or, when your main is level 50, you may have so much money and exp capsules that it’s easy to level up the element character that you need.

    Level 60

    When you get to KOF 98 and hard mode, you’ll need to be 60 with full cores plus plenty of item buffs. Don’t worry about the “CP is too low” warning, worry about the leverage color. When you just can’t get past, now it’s time to find a partner with the correct colour that already has a load of souls waiting to be used (Kyo96?) or do an event such as the yellow festival for Terry or King Quest. You’ll need to look a full team of elements soon. Pick a team of each colour. Start spreading the power.

    After level 60, things will get more tough. You will need to be efficient! You need souls and they become very hard to get. You will not be able to complete some bosses on auto, you’ll need to at least help your character roll out of the way.

    Note: Capsules buffs will max out at 99 points for each buff.

    Level 70-90

    When you are very strong, farm the tower of trials and the epic quest for items, and check the festivals such as King’s quest which can give 30 HP capsules (note that epic quest buffs only work in the epic quest). You may find getting certain colour souls are very difficult. Use the exchange and secret shop!

    Daily Tasks

    Note: if you are keeping your rubies for summoning then obviously skip the tasks that require spending.

    You should:

  • 1. Login every day to get your login bonus!
  • 2. Drain your AP first by doing the Lunatic / Expert level dungeons
  • 3. Grab your free summon for character AND card
  • 4. Add all the cores you can
  • 5. Use all the buffs you have won, if any
  • 6. Watch the advert in the secret shop
  • 7. Soul Quests + Soul Story Quests for your characters
  • 8. Raise affinity
  • 9. Advent Boss
  • 10. Arena & League Match
  • 11. Do Roulette
  • 12. Buy AP items at the secret shop & the exchange shop
  • 13. Do not forget to pick up story rewards & check in to your guild!
  • 14. Go UP the Tower of Trials and use the auto skip ticket (once a day!)
  • 15. Now do some story quests or event quests to get a character if you want it
  • 16. Do Guild quests
  • 17. Burn your remaining AP before you finish for the day / use skip tickets
  • The codex rewards you with a tiny buff for all the characters you raise to level 30, 60 and 90, plus your collection of cards and your overall affinity.

    Quest Conditions

    “30 hits or less”: Evasion roll will negate any hit count, so use it! Blocking is fine too! “Cost” doesn’t mean total, it means per character. And strikers don’t count so put in your strongest! You can also find characters more easily by clicking the filter button on the top left in the fighters screen.

    The Guild

    Why join a guild?

    Guilds will give you a ATK DEF or buff for 11 hours (IF the Guild Master activates it)

    The guild shop gives you access to buff capsules, souls and summon tickets.

    When you’re looking for a supporter to help you in quests, guild members will appear under the FES characters. Strong guild members are valuable indeed.

    The Guild Missions tab will open when you can do quests to get tokens.

    Get tokens for being greeted by members

    Get affinity items from members

    More tokens and skip tickets depending on Guild Rank

    The guild master can also activate a daily donation, usually high like 25K gold because they want to rise through the ranks. You can donate a minimum using money or items. Items differ in value. The different amounts that members give creates a table of ranks. Why is this important? Because one of the daily quests is to greet fellow members. Many people simply mash the buttons and greet the top six in the list. So, members start competing to get those greetings, which means more tokens….

    The Guild Store will open at level 15. As the guild rises through the ranks, it will be able to let in more members and unlock more missions, so you can get more tokens.

    You must click CHECK IN to get tokens and do the daily quests!!! This is very important because the tokens count towards AP capsules and souls in the guild shop!

    Level 35 will unlock more missions, which means more rewards!


    These missions are specifically made to level up characters.

    Every mode unlocks another difficulty, they range from

  • Easy
  • Normal
  • Hard
  • Expert
  • Lunatic
  • Inferno
  • Don't forget the quest conditions!


    The dungeon has a large ornament piece standing in the middle of the floor. Adversaries will come in waves to try to destroy it! It has a damage bar, so it can withstand some attacks. The main cause of worry are two large bruisers who will come in at the same time from opposite ends of the screen. A team of around 60 with a sprinkling of cores will manage.

    There is a sort of glitch where if you leave your character on manual next to the ornament, as long as they are strong enough,


    Destroy everything/ This will raise the gold cat meter, when it is full, the fortune cat doll will appear, smash it to get a bonus; at this moment an alert will tell you it’s FEVER time, which means you can do special moves without cooldown!

    Fighter Evolution

    This has five tabs here

    There are two towers here. The tower on the left will give you full power meter so you can unleash your ultimate move while the one on the right will weaken the boss. It doesn’t really matter which order you take them, as long as you do it quickly!

    Evolution Dungeon

    There are two tabs here.

    Be aware that some quests at higher levels offer an extension if you watch an advertisement. If you are on auto mode, it will bypass this screen, the problem being that the screen is no longer accessible. So for example on lunatic level for the gold dungeon, do two on auto and then do the third but keep an eye on it so you can press the AD button at the end! Or you could just keep an eye on it and hit the AD button when you see it.

    NOTE: If you want to get a guaranteed summon, you must not spend ANY rubies.

    The trouble with flying through the ranks is that if you reach another rank, your AP will be refilled. So if you spent any AP elixirs or bonuses to fill it up just before this point, it is a waste.

    Keep an eye on your AP level and don’t use a lot just before it’s about to fill.

    Commentary: When you're confident your team can pass the match, use auto mode, and turn your device over so it enters pocket mode and turns the brightness down. Now go do something else!

    When you’re stuck

    When the quest appears that asks you for a character you don’t have, remember you have a daily free summon! Do something else and come back later.

    When you do have the character, there is often no need to waste your resources to level them up. Many quests allow you to win just by having them tag in, or just by being part of the team. If they need to fight, you may still pass the quest if they are knocked out.

    If you’re stuck with a quest that is too difficult, for example a story mode or a quest that needs three characters that you never levelled up at all, skip it, do not waste time! Do something else!

    Check the daily quest list, as you only need 6 quests to get the daily bonus! Go back to the dungeons and keep getting EXP, money and cores for your team.

    At any point it's recommended to also build up the cards equipped, for a huge performance boost.