The Awakening System raises the limit and pushes characters into a new realm of power. For the casual player, it's simply not necessary at all. For the player interested in being the best in PvP, then it will unlock the new deadly attack feature while marking the start of a long road that may not end.

  • Awakening
  • Levels
  • Imprinting Stones
  • Star/Moon + Fame

  • The Process

    1. Level up your character to 90.
    2. get a "memory" (a duplicate summon)
    3. In the fighters menu, the evolve has now changed to Awaken! Hit it!
    4. Go to the Reviving Hell Dungeon and get awakening vials
    5. Use them to raise your fighter 10 levels, which unlocks the next Awakening level.
    6. (optionally use imprint stones)
    7. Awaken Your Fighter again using a duplicate or / and other memories.

    Collaboration Event characters such as WWE, Tekken and Samurai Shodown characters can also be awakened, they just need to fuse other memories together to make a memory called the "Dimension Exchange" Invite. The video below outlines the process.

    Here is the Addendum Video showing the cooldown and rapid move hitting of awakening mode, explaining how to Awaken Epic Quest Characters and graphics settings. Remember that the new feature is limited in PVP to just an invincible push back and damage buff.

    Raising Levels & Hell Dungeon

    After awakening, you can add vials and raise your character up 10 levels. Vials for raising Awakening levels are found in the the Reviving Hell Dungeon, which is tough, and the key to maximum damage is using an awakened character because they have the new skill to unleach repeated attacks. When you have two or three awakened characters with a liberal sprinkling of vials, you can run some levels on auto.

    If no awakened characters are in supply, consider using working towards a guaranteed awakened character, such as Epic Quest Bosses or Geese and Krauser. To get a guaranteed awakened Epic Quest Boss (you must have these bosses to start with), do the daily for each boss to get a Final ticket, then use the final ticket to defeat the boss in the final chapter, this will give you 30 shards. This cannot be done more than once a day. In 10 days, you'll have enough to craft a memory. Geese and Krauser 96 memories can be purchased from the Infinite Battle exchange shop every week. Remember that any memory can be used as material to craft another...

    Back to the Hell Dungeon, each tier is divided into stages, which requires a specific affinity and will cause reverse damage otherwise. You have three minutes to complete the stage and one minute per character in your team. You can tag out as normal, so try the stage and use the character that can pass through as quickly as possible, saving an awakened character for the end of stage boss. It's recommended to take a fully buffed striker that will boost your attack or give super armour. Note that certain ultimate attacks can freeze the timer.

    At the end of the tier is a boss. Defeat it and the next tier will open. Each tier requires more and more awakened characters, although it's possible with skillful play to manage with less than the recommended amount.

    If the boss is not defeated within the day, the stage will reset. This is not a bad thing, because every completed stage gives rewards including awakening vials! So eventually, as long as one stage is finished, characters will be powered up. If you are stuck, or when you get to tier 10, where the stage will not reset, don't forget to use the AUTO CLEAR every day to get vials.

    Many players suffered finding a blue character. Those lucky to have played the WWE event are recommended to boost their (free) The Rock. Obviously Zero or Mukai would be great.. but Christmas Choi started appearing more often during summons and strangely the shop brought back his evolution items. The character certainly sufficed for tiers 2/3.

    Remember to NOT throw all your vials onto one character. Wait until there is an opponent that is too strong and then level up the character that needs to do more work.

    Here is a google doc that lists the exact requirements for each stage.

    Imprint Stones

    Along with cards, you can now equip stones. These range in power and rarity (of course). The "Plus" stones have higher stats and carry TWO buffs. These stones are randomly gained (of course) from the crafted boxes from the World Drop Event or bought from the shop. They come in different colours but you can equip them to any fighter. To use them, go your equip page, where you will find the two tabs for cards and stones.

    Equip Stones 1

    Each stone has a different buff, such as penetration, strength, health regen etc, however, when you add the stone, it's permanently attached to your fighter. Then you have to level up the stone with hammers. The buffs will unlock only at a certain level. For example, the first circle stone added will not unlock until it is +5. To raise its level, a hammer is needed.

    Hammers are found in the Rites exchange shop and have different rates of success. Every time a stone is levelled, the rate will go down, therefore a stronger hammer will be needed.

    Equip Stones

    Types of Stones

    There are 3 types of stone: circle diamond and hex, which are usable at certain awakened levels.

  • Circle Stones A1+
  • Diamond A11+
  • Hexagon A21+
  • The thinking player will use the stones to balance out the weakness of their character, for example adding more attack to a "balance type" or more defense to an "attack type".

    The pvp player will simply boost their attack and hope not to get caught blocking

    The cultured player will just throw everything onto their favourite character :)

    The awakening and imprinting stones system extends the power of fighters to limits we cannot even see as yet. Do not expect immediate results, this will be a grind and take weeks. Enjoy blowing things up and getting a little stronger every day. Good luck with summons!

    Star/Moon + Fame System

    The next power level is adding star and moon stones, which you can only craft by playing Chapter of Fight! You can also add more strength using the Fame system, medals from which you get from playing Absolute War. All you need to do is play... the power keeps coming!