Epic Quest


The Epic Quest is another game within the game. It has its own system of statistics that you need to build with several characters you can collect! Through grinding you may find it is more advantageous than doing the EXP and card dungeons, as these rewards can be equivalent. Fight through the story to find new versions of familiar characters, as you try to catch the antagonist…


There are two layers of levels, episode level (aka stat buff) which is split into ATTACK, DEFENSE and HITPOINTS which goes up to 99, each. Then we have chapter level (aka strat level) which maxes at 20. These increase your abilities only for epic quest, they do not affect your characters in the main game.

As you fight through episode 0, you will build your level which remains for the whole episode, but each chapter has its own level to build. Generally you’ll need to reach stat buff level 50 for the Episode and Strat level 5 for each chapter to clear it… but you might find some exploits, so keep reading ^^

Your aim is to reach level 30, although you can go higher as you wish and continue to pick up rewards.

The bosses you will face so far:

Episode 0

  • Envy Mary
  • Greed Rugal
  • Wrath Chizuru
  • Mecha Goenitz
  • Episode 1

  • Saisyu
  • Yashiro
  • Orochi

  • Daily Quests

    Complete these as soon as you can. Just do whatever you can, even if only one mission, every day. Grinding one of the normal missions can help, but it will be much slower. These daily missions will boost your stats exponentially and allow you to be able to do the other missions quicker, in order to win the rewards. It starts off tough but after a week you’ll notice it begins to get easier and this pattern continues as you play day by day. If you are impatient and there is a ‘protect the ornament’ quest, this is a good mission to grind, as it only takes sixty seconds, but rewards are random.


    Why even do this quest? You can collect all these bosses and their ultimate action cards when you beat them within a short time. They aren’t particularly strong but their action cards are fantastic because they take three power gauges to activate and are almost full screen attacks, which can be equipped to other versions of the character. Goenitz with Mecha Goenitz’s card is an absolute terror. Envy Mary and Greed Rugal are silver grade but due to their low cost can be useful for special quests!

    Bonus rewards

    As you are surely used to it by now, you need to keep doing daily or lower level quests and get points until you are strong enough to clear the boss. The boss will appear several times in several forms. You can get bonus rewards, by putting in your team the characters listed here. The ideal situation is that you put one of your main strong characters in first position and then fill the other slots (including strikers) with the bonus characters. You may think your character is so strong they can ignore the affinity penalty, but it’s wise to check that the time it takes isn’t actually much longer to complete the mission, as time is very precious when we are trying to complete as many missions as possible in a day. If you grind, you’ll get strong enough to collect several All Star characters, a load of cash, approximately 140 capsules… perhaps more!

    Event Missions

    Daily missions are a must to keep building stats but keep an eye on the event tab, which randomly will give you tasks for bonus rewards. Your event mission may well not turn up for everyone else! You can find souls and buff capsules as rewards, so it’s definitely worth checking.

    Episode 0: Chapter 1: Envy Mary

    Prerequisite: level 60 Blue Character with all cores and guild buffs.

    Envy Mary is a defense type, but that doesn’t seem to mean anything. Her element is red. Envy Mary comes in three forms, her human form, her new costume and demon raid boss manifestation!

    With the correct leverage and a bit of grinding you can KO her within a minute. The final stage (chapter 4) is a different matter altogether, the different forms of Mary represent the easiest and hardest bosses to get rewards from.

    Raid Boss Form

    You will meet this boss in the same form several times but she will get harder and harder.

    Your character should be blue element level 60 with all available cores to beat the first raid boss but it’s not necessary. You could use another element such as Kyo 96 or Terry 96 at level 80 and that should be fine. If you have the manual skills and the time, anything can work, but it may take a lot longer than using a blue element.

    1st Stage

    Watch for the message: it usually tells you an attack type fighter would work well. Rain of lasers from above, watch the floor. You can stand at the left edge of the screen. It’s random and actually the best time to hit her. The rain will stop. Stand back!! Lasers across the screen. From bottom to top. Watch the floor, it’s quite logical. However, what most players don’t notice is in stage 2, where they are being burnt if they stand at the front. As soon as laser blasts, you can move to its lane to be safe! Mary will never blast in the same lane twice, you can land some hits here. There’s a little pause here to give you time to get some hits in. Then it’s homing laser. You can lure the laser into a corner and run around it or roll through it but in fact the key is to tag out! The laser will follow the person who left (video link)! A healing striker such as Goenitz is recommended, when you’re not confident of the pattern.

    2nd stage

    Lasers across the screen are randomised and may even follow you. She will launch a full floor attack, you can roll through it or use a super to stop it (attack type fighter will have the best success). The floor surface seems to stop at the left edge but in fact the attack will go all the way across the screen!

    3rd stage

    Minions appear! They will certainly get in the way when you’re trying to escape lasers, and they are armed with long ranged weapons to make it even more difficult.

    4th stage - the home stretch!

    Lasers will appear in two lanes, or both in the middle. Stand in the middle or on the edges and avoid the minions.

    You can also continue for 30 rubies with full health restored.

    If you cannot defeat her, keep grinding daily quests to build your stats and chapter stats. Build up your character.

    2. Farm Crazy Mary till your epic levels ( atk / def etc) are 3. Or go to whatever chapter you can survive on auto with.

    If you can beat the boss fast enough, you can acquire Envy Mary – Silver grade.

    CH2 : Greed Rugal

    You should use your strongest yellow character here. He's quite simple to defeat. He punches twice, calls in a pillar of fire attack at the other end of the screen, then look at the floor, avoid the two rectangular areas of attack on the floor, and the lanes of attack (first one central lane then, one above and below) with rolling flames. Roll through everything and keep hitting. When he’s weak he’ll call in minions to get in your way… He does have a mega attack, and the floor will light up, here you need to damage him as much as possible to stop the attack.

    CH3 : Hidden Wrath Chizuru

    This is when things get serious.


  • Green characters x3
  • Andy 98 (if only for leader skill)
  • Mature 96, max cores, 80+, capsules will help but not necessary
  • Jin Classic 80+ (if you don't have Jin, level up your Andy)
  • Chapter Buff level 4
  • Stats buff level 12
  • Beating Chizuru will take some grinding. And getting past Shingo in the quest before is ridiculous. It took a full core Jin (classic 80) to beat him -only because of the super armour.

    Chizuru will start with an attempt to grab you (watch the floor!) then take two swipes at your face, which you can roll past. Then she'll call some tornados. You could hop between them but it's easier to stay back and at the bottom of the screen and simply roll past the two that come your way and hit her. You can hear that she's about to call another tornado so listen out for it. She'll call another set. Then she'll summon a stone and just stand there. You could destroy the stone and get invincibility but it's better to just keep hitting and simply roll/ super/ or tag out to avoid the incoming explosion. After the explosion she'll call a minion and try to hit you. The tricky part is luring the minion to stand between you and Chizuru. You should eliminate the minion. Then she'll re-start the cycle.

    When a team of Orochi Iori (88), Goenitz (87) and Kyo (87) is having difficulty getting past Chapter 6, you know this is tough. Kyo 90, terry 70 and king was 66, with Kula card set maxed out. Chara level 5, epic buff level 9 was finally able to do it.


    Chizuru’s weakness is bleed. Andy 98 will give you a 40% bleed bonus! If you also have Mature 96, this makes the quest much easier. Players who got her from the festival just need to put Andy as leader and then switch to Mature. You do not need to level up Andy at all, you just put him as Leader, although the more you buff Andy, the quicker this quest becomes. If you don't have Andy look for other characters that cause bleed such as Samurai Shodown or Goenitz.

    CH 4: Mecha Goenitz

    Now the game gets very specific in its demands, you’ll need certain characters otherwise simply go in with a high epic quest buff level with your strongest team.

  • Leader Skill: Critical Boost: Kim 98
  • Striker with Stun: Heavy D, O.Shermie
  • Your strongest Red
  • A Yellow with a super that can hit a large area, a balanced type would be perfect, or just top tier characters.
  • He has two forms, normal and large, and three attacks to note: the red cyclone, the dash and grab, and the full screen super.

    While he is normal size, he’ll try to hit you with a chain of attacks, quite slow and predictable, roll behind and hit him in the back. He is vulnerable to critical hits. Save your ultimate.

    Hit him enough, he’ll go into berserk mode and increase in size, where he is vulnerable to balance type fighters. He may call a large red cyclone plus minions, so roll out of the way and execute your ultimate.

    Keep rolling behind him to attack and keep an eye out for when he crouches, this is when he is about to execute his super dash and grab, so run up to him and roll behind, or simply hop up or down to avoid his lane of attack. If he grabs you, it usually means a KO.

    When he goes for his super attack, he will raise his arm and the screen will go dark, so get in close enough for your striker to stun him. Or you could do a super or tag out at the moment the shockwave comes out. He’s actually very vulnerable at this moment and an awakened character can unleash a full combo and then use their ultimate to avoid the final attack.

    After you stun him, he’ll call in a big tornado, keep moving, and use a super to clear out the minions.

    Beat him up enough and he’ll retreat and call a machine to heal himself, here is where you call in your red affinity character to destroy the machine- nothing else will work!

    He’ll be back to normal size, again vulnerable to critical hits so keep hitting until he repeats the cycle or falls. If you fail, you could always use rubies to continue...

    CH 5: The Reunion

    Face the bosses once again, at the height of their power. Their patterns are the same! The problem is how to defeat them as quickly as possible, because here you can win their special move cards!

    This chapter is only accessible if you have a ticket! You cannot waste any attempt! Do your best and don’t attempt without being very strong!

    Tip: Do not waste resources farming tickets. You need at least 1 ticket to practice as much as you like, it will be used up when you complete the quest. So, you only need more if you want to do it again to farm or get the completion bonus.

    So, if you only want to beat them, you only need 4 tickets.

    The hardest part is being tempted to go all the way rather than quitting when nearly dead. Don’t waste your entry tokens! You will get burned. Don’t panic!

    EPISODE 1:

    You’ll find in this episode opponents that will go into rage mode when low on health and then just storm through any attacks you have and demolish you. The key is to save your supers of your three characters and then unleash them. Either that or go toe to toe and hope your healing striker can replenish enough. Then run away till you can attack with specials again (projectiles are great here)! Certain characters will lose their rage after a while.

    Chapter 1 : False Ordeal Saisyu

    Out of all the bosses in Epic Quest, he’s probably the hardest!

    At higher EQ buff levels (70+), a FES like Orochi will destroy all of them. It’s something of a joy, to let your character go crazy on auto, optionally taking control to use Awakening, to wreck these bosses for their memories, in revenge for all the pain and suffering it took to beat them. At lower levels you need a strict set of characters.

  • Andy 94
  • Swimsuit Mai
  • Any characters with burn reduction
  • Halloween Yashiro or Takuma 98 as striker
  • Healing strikers
  • Andy 94 is selected for his burn reduction leadership skill. Swimsuit Mai has the unique skill of granting burn immunity. As you may guess your biggest problem in this fight is surviving the burn.

    The first thing is use the character that matches the symbol over his head. The second thing to let Saisyu hit you and use your emergency evasion. This will start burning you but it’s actually the best situation. If you hit Saisyu before getting burned, you will get the counter hit burn and this inflicts much more damage.

    While you are burning, let him approach and dodge his attacks. If you can find an opening in between or use super armour to hit him, great! It may not make sense that you cannot hit him and this seems to be a CP issue if anything (meaning you need to grind to higher levels).

    He will at some point retreat and throw a large fireball from the top, middle then bottom lane of the screen.

    After hitting him a few times he will call minions. They are just as annoying as Saisyu, who will probably jump to the sides and throw fireballs down the lanes as you’re trying to avoid them, to make things worse.

    For each minion you do not defeat, they will fade away and build his rage bar. When his rage bar is full, he will attack you with his super and it is unblockable.

    The glitch here is to wait for the minions to float away and call your stunning striker, this will cause them to freeze, and you can focus on Saisyu. Getting the timing can be pretty tough, but after that, with healing strikers, finishing this quest is much more doable.

    Chapter 2: False Conspiracy Yashiro

    After Saisyu, he’s quite simple. And if you were lucky to reach him in April 2020, he was glitched and wouldn’t fight back!

    Yashiro will attack with strong hits that you can roll behind or use super armour to break through.

    Yashiro is neutral so you can attack with any characters you like however if he flashes your colour then do not touch him as you will get reverse damage.

    When you knock him down, he’ll wake up with super armour so stay away or use your own, or cancel his with a super move.

    He has a gauge above his head, same as before, but I’m not sure what triggers it- you can lower it with certain attacks- but if you let it get to full, you’ll eat a massive super attack…

    At around bar 13 a timer will appear over his head, you need to hit him with a super or he’ll call minions with an attack from the sky.

    With 6 bars left, he’ll go into range so I hope you saved all your supers to knock him out…

    If he hits you, tag out! If he grabs you and you see a timer, tag or mash the button to daze him!

    Chapter 3: False Advent Orochi

    First of all, you’ll need to beat Rakshasa twice to get a box, which you’ll find in your inventory menu or summons list, which contains the three sacred treasure cards. You must equip one to each fighter in your team and remember who is who. It’s easier if you equip the sword to an attack type, shield to the defense character and seed to the balance character.

    Rakshasa can be farmed for cards, but only once a day. It’s not really worth it, but if you want to take your time, then it’s a good way to level up slowly and collect resources.

    False Orochi will likely destroy you if you don’t know the pattern and weakness.

    He will start with the icons above his head to represent which type of fighter will hurt him the most. He has four special moves: (1)reversal shield, (2) lightning pillar (3)black void projectiles. Hitting you also starts a random timer to when you will get petrified. If he swings his arms he’s about to (4) unleash a rain of blue flames that will chase you and if it hits, will decrease your speed and disable your roll ability. You can simply walk away from this, but many players will walk into Orochi and panic. Simply navigate around him.

    As for his super, he can teleport and start to countdown before he does his kick super and if he hits you, he’ll do it again as you get up, the only way to escape is to roll or tag out or do your own super. If you have any move or striker that activates super armour, this is his weakness, he will not block any of your hits and this will stop him doing his special moves.

    At health levels 15, 10 and 5 he will summon a stone which only the matching type will be able to destroy. The character who holds the correct card will speak, so watch their icons and tag to them! Fail to destroy the stone and Orochi will hit you with his unblockable ultimate move, Maro Kare.

    If you equip EQ Saisyu or EQ Yashiro as strikers they will nullify his attempts to slow you down and disable your roll.

    Final Chapter …

    They are all the same, just stronger. I didn’t see any new special attacks. If your buff level is high enough, it’s no problem… done here with level 80

    Best Grind Spots

    Rakshaasa once a day, then Episode 1: Chapter 3.5 : Tool of Salvation I - This quest takes sixty seconds so is a great way to buff your levels.

    Farming EQ bosses

    Epic Quest is the gift that keeps giving. Quests often drop buff capsules and with the Awakening, you will have characters that should be able to take you all the way through the hell dungeon, as you will gain all the memories you need, which you could also use for awakening other characters. Beating the bosses everyday very often means a drop of around 8 buff capsules.