This guide will prepare the new player for the battles ahead with tips & strategies to get strong and powerful, fast! It will also explain things that are not in the manual! For all the basic elements, please do check the manual that is included in the game.

The King of Fighters All Star (KOFAS) is a mobile game where you fight through battles to reach the boss, who may be a friend or foe! There are A LOT of bosses because KOF covered several years, and as long as the game continues to be successful, the game is quite likely to use many, if not all, of them! This type of game is also known as a 'scrolling beat-em-up with role playing game elements', as the player needs to make their team of characters stronger by completing quests. There is so much to do, with no obligations, the content can keep users occupied for well over a year, with weekly events, player vs player modes, and even guilds where players interact with others and build friendships!

When you start the game, it will throw you into a story. What’s going on? Who are these characters from “The King of Fighters” and who are the Tuners? Sit back, and follow the prompts to complete the introduction. Then you will be given a choice of fighter, Ryo, Kyo or Terry. Feel free to pick the one that appeals to you, but don’t get attached, you’ll soon be leaving them behind for an upgrade…

Eventually you’ll have access to your menu and be in control of your journey. Let’s take a look at the menu.


Here is the home page divided into 12 sections. Your team leader character will appear here. A small red spot to the right of any of these buttons means it wants your attention! Just tap it to find out more.

1. Your attack points (AP) meter and its timer. Your rank meter. Your gold supplies and your rubies

APs are needed to start a quest. The amount of points needed depends on the difficulty of the quest. The timer will give you a point every two minutes.

On the right of the AP meter is your Rank. Every time you complete a quest, you get points. Every time you rank up, you’ll get a reward, such as an AP capsule. The shop will also offer you special packs for getting to certain ranks. You can tap on the Rank meter to see how many points left you need to get to the next level.

Next to that are your gold supplies and rubies. Gold is used to pay for character upgrades (cores, cards and levels etc). Rubies are used to pay for summons and special items in the shop, such as AP capsules (to refill your meter) and event skip tickets.

2. Your chat box, daily quests checklist, your inbox, menu and the options button

The chat box will appear when you join a guild. The daily quests will show you the other quests you can do when you’re stuck. The inbox is where your gifts and rewards can be found. The menu button shows all the sections of the game which are not shown on the home screen, such as the guild. The options button is important for turning off music and for those with less powerful phones, where you can turn down the graphics.

3. The quest prompt

Or nag, if you prefer, that reminds you what quest to do next, however, you don’t have to obey it. KOFAS is a game that can take all day to play, but the smart player is deciding how to use their time effectively to get what they need, rather than trying to grab everything.

4. Private shop, forum, quests, events and secret shop

The Private shop contains special offers based on your progress and tempts you with special characters. The forums contain announcements from the community manager, and discussions in the community, including tips and complaints. The other buttons here will show weekly offers, quests, events. The secret shop will tempt you to spend your rubies on some pretty useful items, such as AP elixirs and capsules to raise your character's statistics (stats). Players with money and little time will find this stock useful.

5. Event Banner

This advertises new events and characters available to summon in the shop. The strongest characters in the game will be found here.

6. Fighter Info Your fighter’s page to upgrade, equip cards, raise affinity etc. This is covered in more detail in the levelling section.

7. Battle Card

Battle cards significantly boost your characters' stats. Each card can be levelled up. Check over your collection of cards here.

8. Exchange

Exchange medals for goodies here. This is important when you are trying to save on rubies.

9. Summon

Try your luck to summon a new character or card, and items too. It normally costs rubies… but you’ll get a free summon everyday.

10. The General Shop

The contents here are usually the same everyday. It won't have the special offers.

11. Match

Versus modes: fight in the arena or league or have a friendly player vs player (pvp) match. Time trial is also found here.

12. Battle

Play solo story, events or epic quest. You can also go to the dungeons to level up via this button.

Now you know where everything is, it's best advised to start building your team of characters. However, with a cast of well over 50 characters (not including their variations), choosing a team seems daunting. Despite this, the game is designed to help you with that.