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Infinity (Arena)

Arena/ Infinity

Arena has been discontinued (at time of print). It was the most boring mode, and yet, the easiest! It has been replaced by Infinity which is the same, without the challenge options and has a limit of characters you can use. Infinity begins with three matches of elimination. Select three fighters, but beware, because you won’t be able to use them again. So, you’ll need nine in total. Keep fighting until all of the opposing team has lost energy and is knocked out.

To defeat opponents there are a few strategies to help, namely: the 1-2-3, blocking, and rolling.

The 1-2-3

You need an attacking move that moves you forward, then a quick or invincible attacking move that you can cancel into another or that juggles. Not every character can do this, obviously those who can are very strong because of it.

Do your long reaching move at the start of the round, cancel it into the others and knockout the opponent.

Or, the AI will evasion roll past you to the other side or in the worst case, do a special move that counters you.

As soon as they go past you, cancel your first move into your second, by pressing the corresponding button (note that some characters can’t cancel special moves into others).

Cancel the second move into the third. If your player is maxed out, this will KO the opponent.

Repeat for 2nd opponent. You'll have a super move ready for the last one, repeat the same tactic and cancel into the super!

Commentary: the AI will catch on and start to back dash at the start of the round to subvert this tactic. If you see this happen, just wait for the AI to approach and then do as normal!


The AI usually runs towards you and then will execute a special move, and then cancel into the others. Each move has a cooldown. The idea here is to let the AI use up their moves, after which you can safely punish them with your own string of specials. The problem with this strategy is that strong characters will penetrate your guard and you will at least lose your perfect score, not to mention monster characters like Orochi Iori will just wreck you if you don't have a level to match.


Often you can just wait for the opponent to approach, and just roll behind them and attack while they are attacking thin air. The AI can get wise to this and wait for you, because if you roll, and the opponent doesn't attack, you are vulnerable at the end of your roll.


Winning will get you tokens for the exchange shop, to get AP capsules, souls (recommended) and fighter selectors (not recommended). After the season ends, rubies are rewarded depending on your placement.


This is a much harder match because the opponent can tag (exchange) characters and you have access to strikers. It's similar to The King of Fighters XI.

You can start with the 123 tactic but you'll find that the opponent will try to tag out, which will stop your combo.

When the opponent's character enters the fight, if you are standing close, your character is knocked over. This is by design to prevent any bullying or abuse of special moves. However, the entering character has the advantage- call your striker to keep them away from you as you get back up on your feet.

Now it's just a matter of who gets hit first! Don't forget you can block and roll. Try to provoke your opponent into wasting their resources and then punish them!

As soon as you get hit, tag out! You need to avoid receiving a huge combo and the tag will knock the opponent back. Some strikers can also interrupt the opponent’s attack and give you a chance to get back on your feet and fight back!

Just remember the best characters will have the highest levels with maxed cards equipped. Get your team up to 90, although some characters don't need the level, it's simply a matter of statistics.

The higher your stats, the greater chances you have of doing fatal damage or surviving the fury!

Challenge Mode - here you can give yourself a disadvantage in exchange for more rewards.

It goes up to 2 levels

level 1 will inflict randomly one of the following penalties, and level 2 will give you two of them:

reduce health by 50%

Skill cooldown increased by 50%

Guard disabled

Emergency evasion disabled

Roll disabled

When you're super strong none of this will matter, you simply start the round by doing your three specials and destroying the opponent.


Don’t forget you need to pick up your rewards by clicking on the icon on the bottom-mid left of the screen! Two wins or losses will net you some cash, three wins will get you around 30 tokens for the exchange shop- these can be used to get card selectors, which are invaluable!!! Rubies are awarded for your placement at the end of the season.

Championship Mode / Friendly

This is the real player vs player (PvP) mode.

Some tactics that you have used against the AI will go out of the window. Experienced humans won't fall for it.

Rolling past a projectile won’t help you if the opponent can cancel it and punish with another move. Ultimately the most common winning tactic is to let your opponent throw their special moves at you while you block, then you punish. When the opponent gets wise, then it’s a cat and mouse game of baiting out a special move and cancelling it… or not. Good luck!

The next meta was a character who could do a special move and then had hyper armour, so you couldn’t punish. You need to roll past them or away from them. You have to judge if they can cancel and roll again. Remember, more than two rolls in a row have increased recovery.

The next meta after that was a character with a guard crushing special move, eg Zero, Igniz, Paul, and anyone equipped with the Checkmate card set (10% chance). This means if you don’t roll, you’re dead, because you can't block.

The worst meta is a character with hyper armour recovery and a grab. So if he charges at you, you need to roll and stay away, because if you block you will get grabbed. There’s nowhere to hide from Goenitz because he has a homing wind attack. Block, and roll the charging attack. Good luck finding an opening but remember that leverage affinity is still in play.

The New Meta arrived with Awakening. For top level fights it's essential to have an awakened character because of the new function that gives you a chance to break combos or even continue them. Again, these can be baited and wasted. Awakening cannot be used in the air but it can be used to break ultimate moves!

The latest meta was the hardest to reach: the stones. These need to be levelled to 7 to unlock their full abilities and if you are lucky to get a plus stone that removes power guage, you have a huge advantage.

Important tips:

  • Rolling is pretty amazing, hit it when it doubt.
  • Blocking is great, just remember certain characters and card sets can break it. Let spammers go crazy then punish them.
  • To punish an opponent rolling past your projectile or behind you, consider the input delay of the connection, that can mean pressing your second skill immediately after the first. Forget about what you see on the screen. And yes, it's very frustrating when you input a skill wanting to punish a roll behind you but it just attacks the area in front...
  • When an opponent is status stunned, such as frozen petrified or stunned, do NOT attack with basic hits, you must use a special move because they will break out of the status and hit you with anything they choose. Consider baiting.
  • Invest in PLUS stones.
  • Watch your opponents evasion meter, it's very likely they will use it when it is full, so instead of trying to wasting a skill as you try to extend a combo, just let them roll and punish them.
  • Remember super moves also punish rolls, and destroy any type of armour.
  • Use a simple tap of your basic attack to bait the opponent to use an emergency evasion and then punish them with your fast skill move.
  • Use awakening whenever you are trapped in a devastating combo - but you must be standing -to push back the opponent
  • Use awakening when squashing opponent in the corner to continue a combo with juggling characters like Jin, Ms Big, Adelheid etc.

  • Nameless: block and let them spam three moves then punish. His basic attack string is also vulnerable to invincible moves otherwise wait till you see the arm drill, then punish. If he gains power guage, you're dead. If he stops spamming moves, you're probably dead. Best counter characters:, Adelheid, S.Mature, anyone with QUICK hyperarmour.
  • P.Zero: if you predict she will spam her attacks, just roll three times and punish. Or try your luck blocking, she needs 30% chance to break your guard.
  • Orochi: Roll past his shield and let him try to track you with the pillar, watch for his hyper armour to expire and smash him. Undertaker and PZero are good counters.
  • Goenitz: Use Goenitz or Rugal / Geese and hope to roll past his dashing move and his attacks. Adelheid and characters who can nullify skills are good. A bad player will spam, a good Goenitz will just watch and destroy your moves on reaction.
  • Miss Big: Bait her invincible uppercut by rolling or with your own hyper armour, it's your only chance. If she hits you and you don't KO her within 15 seconds, you WILL get stunned regardless, try to keep your awakening for this situation.
  • O.Rugal: this guy is a real pain if you can't roll past that godpress dashing grab. Try blocking his plasma ball and hope to not get stunned. Zero is a good counter with his stun reflect.
  • Saiki is the new Goenitz, insta-ban him for now.

  • Time Trial

    The key to time trial is to utilise the leader skills and strikers, know the placement to eliminate the adversaries quickly.

    Note: Cards or buffs cannot be used here.

    When you have gold grade characters

    The first group of attackers will land in front, the next will be behind. You’ll need a fighter that has a wide range attack. Position yourself at the top left of the screen so that the enemies will line up in front of you. When you move forward, position yourself at the right side so that you can use one move to eliminate many opponents, don’t waste time fighting one and then turning around to get the others. Save your ultimate attack (3 power gauge only) for the mid boss. Do not tag out as you will need to build power gauge again. As soon as Athena appears, use your full screen ultimate attack. On the next screen move to top left again. Defeat the group of attackers with one special move. Now run forward to the right side, and line up the two goons so that when the large samurai ghost appears you can wipe them all out. When the boss appears, call your strikers and do your super move first.

    When you have purple grade characters Save all your ultimate attacks, as soon as you build three gauges, tag out. Then you can unleash on the boss.