Guild Raid

Omega Rugal and probably more to come.

The new mode that allows you to play with your guild members as a team to defeat the boss!

Omega Rugal


If you don't participate, you don't get any rewards.

If you participate and reach none of the score tiers and the guild fails to clear a level, you get nothing.

The only way you help your guild is by clearing a level. Even if you help, if you do not reach a score tier, you get NOTHING. Even if the guild clears the level, you get NOTHING.

If you participate and pass one the score tiers, and the guild clears the level, you get DOUBLE the reward for the score tier!

You don't need to play it every day, 4 times a day, you can play it a few times to get your max damage, then hit the skip button 4 times a day. Easy!


Rugal has a break bar, break it with his weakness (different per level, read below). Once he is "broken" hit him with skills or awakening combos. Do not use basic moves or supers. Use supers to stop time, when there is nothing else to do. Awakening combos will do 10m damage in comparison to a super which will do 1~2m damage, during which his break bar will expire, often ending with a burst which interrupts and ends your animation.

Easy/ Hard: Use characters with Burn, such as FES K' and Nameless. You could use Nests Kyo but the best team synergy is with Pretty Zero who will give a 20% power gain buff along with 40% attack. This will allow Nameless and K' to go crazy.

Normal / Expert: Use characters with darkness: Saiki, Gatecrasher Chris and Lady Geese. Saiki is a good leader but only for yellows.... again you should have a good leader and only 2 characters with Darkness, note that you can use Lady Geese as a striker to inflict darkness.