How do I increase my AP or Card Storage Space?

There is a plus sign next to your AP and Card total!

How do I get 25K CP?

The first answer is, it's not something to care about. It's mostly used for bragging rights but if that's important then it should be possible with your highest CP character (purple grades are around 11K, with Orochi at 12k) plus Noah set (1k each card) plus the rainbow option cards (Ryo, Terry, Blue Mary, Athena or Kyo) which each have around 1k. The players who have this set will still die horribly in PvP, as the only charactes to really benefit from this set are 99 Kyo and 03 Terry, at the cost of no cooldown reduction cards, meaning if they miss their attack, they are at a huge disadvantage. When players notice that their highest cards and characters still do not add up to 25k, it's time to boost your codex. This means levelling EVERY character to level 90. There are also some cards that give extra CP bonuses to particular characters, such as the Tekken and Noah set boosts Attack type characters and the Pretty Festival Card boosts female characters.

Here is a video explaining what happens.

How do I get 1 minute in Time Trial?

You'll need some luck and a character combination that can build meter and wipe out enemies quickly. Best leaders are Yuri 98 for power gauge, any character that gives you a 50% or more boost such as Shermie 97, Ryo 96, Haohmaru, Hinako etc. Choose a striker that will buff you such as Festival Billy Kane, Robert 97, Vanessa etc

Remember that these characters at Novice Level are level 70 and so they are underpowered.

The first group of attackers will land in front, the next will be behind. You’ll need a fighter that has a wide range attack. Position yourself at the top left of the screen so that the enemies will line up in front of you. When you move forward, position yourself at the right side so that you can use one move to eliminate many opponents, don’t waste time fighting one and then turning around to get the others. Save your ultimate attack (3 power gauge only) for the mid boss. Do not tag out as you will need to build power gauge again. As soon as Athena appears, use your full screen ultimate attack. On the next screen move to top left again. Defeat the group of attackers with one special move. Now run forward to the right side, and line up the two goons so that when the large samurai ghost appears you can wipe them all out. When the boss appears, call your striker, do your super move, tag and repeat.

Save all your ultimate attacks, as soon as you build enough for a super (3 gauge moves are best of course), tag out. Then you can unleash on the boss.

Another way is this crazy Iori.... pay attention to how the players uses the supers to pause the clock, and how the minions keep coming during the animation. Pretty Zero is another character that can do it at this speed.

How do I beat the KOF99 Car stage 3

Orochi Iori or Haohmaru with a leader boost and a striker boost plus your best cards. The following video uses Vanessa as Leader, Haohmaru with NOAH set and H.Shermie with Kula set and collab/fes cards, in fact Haohmaru or Shermie would have been a better leader! You can also tag between characters and go crazy. Awakened characters make this easy now.

How do I stop Mecha Goenitz recharging his health?

Use a red affinity character such as 95 Mai, XIV Geese, etc !